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Interviewed - 11/2/2014 to 11/18/2014

A Conversation with the TheMage: Continued...

Cloud mining Litecoin: Is this a good idea for anyone but the companies that provide this service?

I believe that its good to have a choice. When I first got into crypto's I was big into mining with my GPU's, I had a ton of fun setting up my rigs. But I would imagine there are people out there that either do not want to deal with mining hardware or lack the skills to set up their own rigs. Also with today's difficulty, it seems that cloud mining seems to be more profitable than mining yourself.

How is the LiteShibes4Christmas campaign coming along and what other campaigns are being considered for 2015?

Its going very well! With the fist round of donations Dogecoin has raised we manged to hit out $2k target! This is going to be distributed to 100 children and give them a very special Christmas :D. There are no current plans for 2015 at this time, but that doesnt mean we wont do more.

Is themage mining pool done for good, or might we see it return?

I think it is done for good. The original lead dev that created it has not been on the team since earlier this year. He had to bow out due to personal issues. I did love working with him though!

Should the federal government allow local governments to legislate recreational marijuana consumption?

Yes, while I do not smoke marijuana, I firmly believe that is should be legalized and regulated (smartly). There have been multiple studies done where the benefits far outweigh the risks, such as crime reduction and an increase in revenue for the states.

Will you be attending any crypto-currency conferences/events in 2015? If so, which ones?

I would love to say yes, but at this point I am unsure. If Koinyx really takes off, you better believe I will be at a few.

If you were to travel to one other country for an extended holiday of four weeks, where would you go?

A trip to la la land sounds pretty good right now ;).

La la la land??? So, then tell me... bubble gum, cigarettes, beer, or wine?

Only one of the four? :P This question reminds me of this!

Yoga, karate, weights, or donuts?

Today donuts, 15 years ago weights (Damn I used to look good in spandex, I wrestled in high school haha)!

Ferrari, porche, or lamborghini?

Pontiac ;)


Neither (and no I do not watch Fox either). Sad to say but the best and most unbiased news I can find comes from comedy central.

Bay Watch or 90210?

Again, neither! No explanation needed!

Jeans, khakis, corduroys, warmups, sweats, or slacks?


Reading, writing, talking or meditation?


Astronomy or chemistry?

Astronomy all the way! Astrophysics in particular. I have a deep fascination with the very large and very small and how intertwined it all is (from the most basic fundamental particles to celestial bodies hundreds of times the size of our sun).

Coors Lite or Guinness?


Mike Tyson's Punch Out or Tetris?

Depends on the mood

Black or white?


Another question or not?


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