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Reviewed - 10/02/2014 provides its users a process for exchanging crypto-currencies including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Peercoin, Darkcoin, and Dogecoin, all in the blink of an eye and with no account required. On July 30th, 2014, Charlie Lee praised, saying "Great job!" and that he has been waiting for a service like this. Two months have passed, and I have observed more and more people comment about ShapeShift. My curiosity piqued, I have finally tried their service for myself. Following are the details of my experience.

Needing Litecoin to pay for my recent order of the 2014 Limited Edition Litecoin Association Commemorative Coin (produced by Coinographic) and not wanting to use any of my Litecoin savings, I decided to move some of the Bitcoin holdings from my Coinbase account into Litecoin. This would be my opportunity to use ShapeShift!

After browsing to, I entered my Litecoin wallet address and clicked, "Start." Next, I was able to confirm my Litecoin wallet address and was provided a Bitcoin deposit address, to which I sent 0.65 BTC from my Coinbase account. While I waited and waited for Coinbase to confirm my transaction, 56.42061111 LTC appeared in my Litecoin wallet and, I will add, within 90 seconds! Yes, I timed it. I never did figure out how long it took Coinbase to confirm the transaction. Simply, I did not have the patience to wait it out! After all, I had the Litecoin I needed.

The website's design was intuitive, its communication was clear, and its process was efficient. My experience concluded with three alternatives. I could view the transaction on the blockchain, email a receipt, or perform another transaction. I chose to email a receipt. Within seconds, I received an email containing key details of the transaction, including order number, deposit amount, withdrawal address, deposit address, amount received, and the time of the transaction (97.18899989128113 seconds according to ShapeShift. The second hand on my watch must be slooooow!).

Additionally, the email asked if I had tried their API. Well, no I had not tried it. Perhaps, though, I will check it to investigate whether it could be useful on

Following is a screen shot of the confirmation page. Pretty sharp, eh?! ShapeShift has its act together. If you need to exchange crypto without the trouble of a traditional exchange, check out I am confident that you, like me, will complete your transaction and think, 'Well, that was easy!'

Best wishes to you and to the people at!


"Just tried it, I do have to say I am very impressed." - TheMage

"This worked great for me took about 30 seconds." - BitcoinFridge

"Worked pretty good for me. Took about 5 seconds." - Carnth

"Wow this is amazing and super quick." - Anthony85

"Holy cow that was fast! Doesn't it need to wait for at least one confirmation though? It seemed to do it as soon as I hit send." - hexital

"What a novel approach! I can see this becoming immensely popular." - Frank

"I am really liking your drive to improve and develop your service, and answer questions. " - pablo325

"BTW, really like your fox logo. Super cool man!" - zethien

"Holy crap that's fast, as soon as I click send on Bitcoin wallet there is an incoming transaction on my litecoin wallet." - Liquid71

"Everything's automatic! Love it!" - CodyAlfaridzi

"Awesome design!" - cryptodroid

"Great site; super fast; super easy." - notsogreedy

"WOW that was fast. Great site!" - greenmo

"Really, this site is one of the best exchangers I have seen. In just 10 seconds I had my ltc." - rz20

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